How it works

1. Pick your plan

Pick the clinically-proven treatment that's right for you. A licensed medical provider will confirm it's everything you need.

2. Get it delivered

Your Keeps treatment arrives at your door every three months — and at half the cost of your local pharmacy.

3. Keep your hair

Easily track progress as you keep your hair. You can adjust or cancel your plan at any time as necessary.

Why Keeps?

Preventing hair loss is possible. While there's no magic cure for baldness, Keeps offers treatment plans that can actually work to stop further hair loss (and even regrow some of your hair). Take action today with our scientific and affordable approach.

  • 50% less than you’d pay at your local pharmacy.
  • Only FDA-Approved products. Nothing else.
  • Clinically-proven treatment plans made just for you.
  • Free online consultation with a licensed medical provider.
  • Shipped and delivered directly to your door.

The earlier you take action, the more hair you'll keep.